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Are Migraines Making You Depressed — Or Vice Versa?

Been feeling extra down lately? It may be more than “the blues”— those diagnosed with migraine are at increased risk for clinical depression. Read on to learn more about the connection between the conditions and how to get the upper hand.

Not only are migraine sufferers five times more likely than those without migraines to develop depression, but the two conditions are so intertwined they are considered “bi-directional.” In other words, either condition can cause the other — migraine can cause depression, while depression can cause migraine.

In fact, a 2010 Dutch study found that migraines and depression may even be caused by the same genes—and that those with migraine are also more at risk for other mood disorders, including anxiety and bipolar.

So what does all that mean? Are migraines making you depressed — or vice versa? Well, if you’ve been diagnosed with migraine it’s important to pay more attention to how you’re feeling emotionally. And if you think you’ve been feeling “off ” lately, it is essential you mention it to your healthcare provider.

Get back to feeling your best by tracking your symptoms with Migraine Monitor and sharing a report with your specialist at your next exam.

The good news is, even if you experience depression, anxiety or another mood disorder, it can be treated just the same as in someone without migraine — boasting the same success rates. Even better, some treatments can even help alleviate both conditions!