Frequently Asked Questions


The first headache monitoring app that connects you to your doctor now presents a cleaner interface and enhanced reporting. More than just an intuitive tool for tracking your headaches, their severity, duration and triggers, Migraine Monitor allows you to access the support of your doctor (or our Headache Navigator) and the anonymous community of other headache sufferers that you can interact with if you choose. Easy-to-read reports can be shared with others, such as family, friends or your doctor. Get daily information that helps get your headaches under control, such as news, tips, and inspirations. Designed by neurologists in concert with Health Monitor’s 30+ years of patient education expertise.

You can email the Migraine Monitor App team at:
Or call us at 201-649-9195.
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Migraine Monitor will allow you to record and provide your physician with the most up to date data regarding your condition. You can closely monitor your progress using our highly intuitive headache tracking features.
Migraine Monitor will help you understand more about your condition. Take control of your condition using an advanced migraine tracking app that can record headaches, triggers, and treatment efficacy.
Registering is free and easy! Simply download the free app from Google Play store or the Apple Store. You will automatically be directed to the screen below. Click the "Registration" or "choose "Login with Facebook" buttons. Enter a few simple details about yourself to create your account. Now you can log-in and start using Migraine Monitor.

You can change your email address and other details using the settings feature in the app.
First don’t panic! Your records are stored in a secure cloud server to prevent theft and loss. If you are facing an issue, please contact the app development team at
If your provider isn’t listed, contact us and we can send your provider an official invite to join. If you prefer, you can register without a provider and then share reports from the app with anyone.
Click the stethoscope icon
Click the large blue “Change your doctor/provider” button.

 Enter your provider's name and click on their name when you locate it from the drop-down menu.
Your provider will be able to track your progress using their RA Monitor dashboard. From their dashboard, they have access to real-time data that you input into the app allowing them to provide better treatment options for you. They must register for this FREE dashboard.
Click the circle icon on the home screen.

Click the “Add/Delete” medication button and follow the prompts.
You can change medications using the same screen you use to add medications.
Click the bar icon at the bottom of the screen.


This will allow you to view your reports. Also, you can view reports within certain date ranges by adding in the specific dates at the top of the screen.
On the report screen, tap the page-with-an-up-arrow icon at the top-right to select your method for sharing.
Click the people icon at the bottom of the home screen. From there you will be able to view a community of topics that are available to you for your support.

Using the people icon please click that icon to be brought into the community. At the bottom of the screen click start a conversation. From here you can start a conversation on a topic relevant to our community of your choice.
Click the topic of your choice to join in on the conversation. Next click the reply button. Write your reply and add tags if needed.
On my profile screen, click the calendar button at the top of the page. From here you can add/update your appointment.


On the "My Profile" screen, please move the yellow button to the far right to turn on the reminder feature. Tap the time to reset it to one that works for you.

Tap “Settings” in the drawer (see  icon in the upper-left of the screen) select upload photo. From here you can choose to upload one from your camera of photo library.
Find the Help/Feedback button in the drawer (see  icon in the upper-left of the screen). From here, enter your feedback and we will get back to you promptly.