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Introducing Migraine Monitor 4.0

Migraine Monitor continues to evolve based on the valuable feedback of patients like you and we’re excited to announce a major update!

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Version 4.0 now includes these new or improved powerful features:

  • Real-time and historic headache recording
  • Dynamic headache intensity measurement
  • Medication dosing and effectiveness monitoring
  • Mood and stress monitoring
  • Trigger tracking and predictive insights
  • Automated weather data recording and correlation against headaches
  • Artificial Intelligence assisted headache insights
  • Reports of headaches, triggers, weather, moods and medications for you and your headache specialist team
  • Receive messages from your headache specialist team
  • Anonymous social network of migraine sufferers
  • Up-to-date headache news and information

Whether you use Migraine Monitor every day to track your migraine condition — or it’s been a while since you’ve checked out the app — we hope you’ll find the new version to be more useful than ever before!

Lastly, this app was designed to make sharing your data with your headache specialist team easier. Please remind your team to go to the Specialists page to claim their dashboard where they’ll be able to see the data you’ve been so diligent to enter.

Together we get better.